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Agency: BBDO
Art Director: FrΓ©dΓ©ric Zouag
Copywriter: Nicolas Gaspart
Media Marketing

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Graphic design β€’ Logo β€’ ad

materials & programs

Photoshop β€’ Indesign β€’ Illustrator

The Media Marketing wanted a new baseline, as well as magazine's advertisements to announce this change. Using the catchword written by Nicolas Gaspard, I ajusted the former logo by blending the baseline and several graphic features. Concerning the magazines ads, I drew my inspiration from minimalist swiss advertisements.

I opted for headlines in the foreground and icons illustrating those to create a perfect balance in a minimalist style. For the second adverstisement's wave, pictograms were replaced by photographs that fitted a little bit more to the new texts.

Media Marketing ad
Ad media marketing
Media marketing ad mockup
Media Marketing signature
Ad media marketing