Citizen action Solidaris


Agency: BDDO
Art Director: Cristina gesulfo
Copywriter: Nicoals Gaspart

my job

Illustration β€’ Typography β€’ Brand book β€’ Ad

materials & programs

Illustrator β€’ Indesign β€’ Photoshop

The idea was to create a logo and graphic guidelines for a Solidaris citizen's campaign. The goal was to raise awareness about the benefits of a simple "hello!" It all started from the idea of a hand gesture and led to the creation of this nice little character.

The typography was created on the basis of an existing font and I wanted it to be less frozen and more handwritten. The graphic chart was created on 6 pastel colours that perfectly reflect softness, conviviality and diversity.

the Brand Book

Brand Book Mouvement citoyen

The ads

general Ad
Ad 2017