Hello! I’m Virginie Anne Delaleu, but most people call me Ninie!

I have 2 Cats: Pipoh & Poupi... I’m super greedy! I listen to music loudly in my headphones... I study solfege and lyrical singing. I like quotes, especially this one : "Less is more" from Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Or that one "Happiness only real when shared" from Christopher McCandless... I’m a little bit obsessed with alignments and it’s not always easy in everyday life! I often perform a slight rotation of the head in front of the screen... I’m synesthetic, I associate colors with tastes and smells... For me, β€œbeige” doesn’t exist. It’s a warm gray with a pepper flavour and a sandy texture...


web design

newsletter β€’ website β€’ interface application β€’ banner Photoshop

graphic design

balance β€’ color β€’ typography β€’ brand identity β€’ brochure β€’ packaging mockup β€’ presentation Adobe Suite Creative
Sketch Up
Power point

ux design

prototyping β€’ framework β€’ interaction

front dev.

html β€’ css/sass β€’ js β€’ jquery β€’ php (basics) β€’ git β€’ gulp β€’ emmet β€’ bootstrap β€’ wordpress Atom
Sublime text

to have a look at my C.V.icone cv